Information Guide 2019

Welcome to all junior participants and parents!

Be part of the Triathlon weekend in Kitzbühel and enjoy World Cup feeling in one of Austrias biggest Triathlon events for Kids, Youth and Juniors.


When / Where

Sunday, 23rd JUNE  2019 / Kitzbühel – Schwarzsee


  • Registration starts on 1st March 2019
  • Deadline of registration is the 8th JUNE 2019
  • maximum of possible participators: about 300

Entry Fee

€ 20,– for Kids (E,D) and Supersprint (C,B,A,JUG,JUN)

Late entry: The race is limited to 300 athletes, however in case there are still slots available there is a possibility for a late entry direct at the venue on:

  • Friday 21st JUNE from 17.00 – 19:00 or on
  • Sunday 23rd JUNE in the morning (if there are slots available)

Late entry fee will be EUR 25,–

Classes & Distances
classes age age-group distances
group E 6 +7 years 2012/2013  25 m –  0,5 km – 250 m
group D 8 +9 years 2010/2011  50 m –  1,0 km – 400 km
Supersprint C 10 +11 years 2008/2009 150 m – 6,0 km –  1,5 km
Supersprint B 12 +13 years 2007/2006 200 m – 9,0 km –  2,0 km
Supersprint A 14 +15 years 2005/2004 500m – 12 km – 3,0 km
Supersprint youth 16 +17 years 2003/2002 500m – 12 km – 3,0 km
Supersrpint Juniors 18 +19 years 2001/2000 500m – 12 km – 3,0 km

Time Schedule

can be found here           *) subject to change

Race Courses

can be found here            *) subject to change

Race types on Sunday 23rd JUNE 2019:

  1. KIDS RACE: Kitz Tri Games: For all kids age 6 – 9, (2013-2010) : Mountain Bikes only (wheel width of 1,5 inches), no road bikes ! Our support crew is there to assist at the check-in and will also help in the transition zone during the race if needed
  2. SUPERSPRINT: For athletes age 10-19 (2009-2000) this is a drafting race which follows ITU standards, race briefing mandatory, there is a introduction and line-up of the athletes 15 min prior to the start, ‘TAKE YOR MARKS” – signal horn – jump start. Use the provided boxes for your sports equipment, on the bike only the bike shoes, helmet and glasses are allowed.
    Running shoes can be placed beside your bike. After the transition you need to place swim goggles and cap as well your helmet in the box, time penalties and penalty box in use
    multiple lap bike course – it is the athletes responsibility to complete the whole course as required, lap control on the run course by taking wrist bands, overlapped athletes might be stopped if required due to safety reasons

General Information:

Entitled to participate are all young athletes as they fit into age group categories mentioned (if NO health restrictions exist). The attendance and participation is at one´s own risk. The organizer has no liability for damages against participants and/or third party persons. By entering the race and registering online you confirm that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions by the LOC.

A safe and fair race for all athletes is our highest priority! Please pay attention to the rules and regulations of the Austrian Triathlon Association which will apply. Attendance at the Race Briefing is mandatory.


The team from Kitzbühel tourism is happy to assist you finding the right place to stay, please send a request to: Kitzbuehel Tourismus  Homepage:

Recommended lodgings which are right next to the race course are the following:


please use the following public parking area: Kellerwiese (P9) or Parkplatz Pfarrau (P4) , both are within walking distance 5-10 minutes from the event area. There is no possibility to park right at the venue. Please be carefull and leave your car behind only locked at any time!